Established in 1993, we established ourselves in the produce industry by exporting wild mushrooms, cherries, kabocha, apples and citrus to Japan and Taiwan. We have been exporting to Japan since that time.

When Michoacan avocado producers were granted access to the USA market, we teamed up with the first packing houses as the market opened in the Midwest, Texas, and finally California between 2002-2005.

We have earned a strong reputation and we now import from 10 packing houses/growers.  We enjoy wonderful relationships with our friends there and we are able to source whatever volume necessary in order to grow our customer base.

We warehouse in McAllen and in Los Angeles and Vineland, NJ.

From our start until the present day, our mission has been to:

KNOW the supply-side market conditions, from cultivation to harvest, packing, shipping and warehousing.  

SHARE our knowledge, to form mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships with our customers.  

STUDY market information, to best predict market price movement.  

DEAL WITH INTEGRITY, giving our suppliers and customers the best possible value.

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