The Caratan hertiage continues to thrive as the next generation provides leadership to Columbine Vineyards.  Martin Caratan maintains his grandfathers' vision, Luis and Milan's momentum and their dedication to the propogation of new varietals, consistent quality and the superior products and customer service the industry has come to know and expect from Columbine Vineyards. 

Giving back to your community is important and at Columbine Vineyards the dedication to giving spans over four generations.  Columbine Vineyards is making a positive impact by extending our support to a wide variety of non-profit organizations.  Our committment is based on the value we place on our partnerships with community organizations to make a real difference in the lives of the people living in their communities.  It is much more than a pledge but the assurance that our family cares and will continue to take an active role to help local and national communtiy efforts. 

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