Benary+ is a new joint-venture between Benary and Volmary, both independent, family-owned businesses with German roots. To make transactions more direct and efficient, as well as increase thevalue to our customers and ourselves, Benary and Volmary have joined forces to create this industry-changing new enterprise.

Benary+ is the exclusive distributor of Volmary unrooted cuttings shipping directly from their motherstock facility in Kenya. Volmary is known throughout Europe for their great quality and reliability. Benary+ is selling unrooted cuttings from Volmary directly to growers in North America. Benary+ gives the grower more choices and an opportunity to order products fresh from the source.

In addition to unrooted cuttings, Benary+ will also be a distributor of all the popular Benary seed products such as the famous BIG® Begonias, SUCCESS!® Petunias, NONSTOP™ Begonias and LOLLIPOP Impatiens as well as many more. Benary’s high quality seed products will continue to be shipped fromour facilities in DeKalb, Illinois. Benary+ is committed to providing you with great products and exceptional service to help you to advance your business.

Our long history as independent family-owned businesses has allowed us to live our passion and to stay inspired by the beauty of our industry – and that’s what we want to bring directly to you.We look forward to working with you in innovative ways going forward, bringing you more beauty, more choices and more smiles!

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