We’re part of the “Natural Evolution”

A global movement is taking place. Societies are consuming more natural extract and all natural ingredients: food that is as wholesome as possible, with few or no additives. As a consequence, there is a movement among food brands and manufacturers to have simpler and cleaner labels.

For many years, Sensient Natural Ingredients (SNI) has been supporting this movement, partnering with numerous food and beverage manufacturers looking to offer the best natural extract and all natural products to consumers.

Known previously as Sensient Dehydrated Flavors, SNI has evolved to be a food industry pioneer, bringing from the field to the table a range of products that deliver natural extract and all natural ingredients, vivid colors and pleasing textures as well as the best flavorings expected by the most discerning consumers.

Our business philosophy

To have finished products of the highest quality, we must provide our customers with the highest-quality ingredients, paying special attention to details from seed production to manufacturing to culinary application and delivery.

Integrity, technology and creativity are at the heart of our business, and it shines through in our wide range of leading natural extract and all natural ingredients, including dehydrated vegetables, onion, garlic, chili and herbs. We continue to innovate and add products and capabilities to collaborate with customers on development of exciting new natural food and flavors, beverage and beverage flavors, and nutritional products for the future.

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