Ramsay Highlander, Inc. has been in Business for over 48 years manufacturing custom Engineered Field Harvesting Machinery for Growers and Contractors for the fresh vegetable market. Our company is known as the prime manufacturer of custom harvesting Aids, Mechanical Harvesting Machinery and Automated and Robotic harvesting Machinery. Ramsay Highlander, Inc. in known world wide and has a repututation that can't be beat. Ramsay Highlander, Inc. custom designs and manufactures all their machinery from the ground up in there factory located in Gonzales, Ca. We have the highest employee retention in the industry. We offer higher then avarage pay then other fab shops in the Salinas Valley. we offer Medical, Vision, Dental, 401K. Paid vacation, Flexiable PTO time and Paid Sick time.

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