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  1. Job Title: Director
  2. Location: Philadelphia, PA
  3. Number: 9516
  4. Post Date: 2/23/2017
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Accountable to:                Board of Directors


The Mid-Atlantic Regional Cooperative (MARC) acquires and distributes fresh produce to 30+ member food banks in a region stretching from Virginia to New England. The cooperative leverages the combined volumes of its member banks to realize savings in procuring and distributing fresh produce compared to the typical costs paid by individual food banks. The MARC is member-run by a Board of Directors responsible for ensuring the cooperative meets its charter and its performance targets. The MARC is a Pennsylvania-based 501(c)3 nonprofit with the goal of increasing the amount of high-quality, high-variety produce to feed Northeastern families and individuals in need.


The Director will manage the Produce Sharing Program, a multistate initiative to source and distribute surplus fresh produce throughout our network of over 30 member food banks and beyond; provide internal leadership as part of the executive team; and support external food sourcing and operations activities to ensure members regularly receive high-quality, high-variety produce at or below cost targets set by the members.

The Produce Sharing Program maximizes the amount of surplus produce donated and made available to food banks in a manner that meets the needs of all members regardless of size, location, or resources. The Director is responsible for managing food sourcing, program communications and related special projects for the Produce Sharing Program to ensure strong demand, steady supply, and a variety of free and low-cost fresh fruits and vegetables for member food banks. The Director will also support member food banks in produce program knowledge and development.

The Director must be a strong leader with significant operations and business development experience to shepherd the Program from the conceptual phase to implementation and rapid growth. He or she must be a strategic, out-of-the-box thinker with strong communication skills and personal integrity, who is adept at developing and nurturing trust-based relationships, and brings a passion for the MARC mission. Strong analytical skills and the ability to make data-driven decisions are imperative. The Director must have an entrepreneurial spirit, be action-oriented, flexible in his or her approach to problems, and have the ability to deal with ambiguity. In-depth knowledge of the agricultural industry, fresh produce in particular, operations and management experience, ability to lead an external team, and desire to travel are required. A working knowledge of food banking and the non-profit sector is highly desirable.


Management and Communications

  • Serve as a member of the Executive Leadership Team to provide leadership and coordinationin the management, planning, and development efforts for theMARC.
  • Ensure strong, effective, trust-based working relationships with member foodbanks.
  • Proactively provide information and technical assistance and training to members, andensure members have adequate information to assist in their operations, planning and supply management.
  • Develop and help manage critical partner relationships with organizations such as state Departments of Agriculture, Feeding America, produce trade associations, Farm Bureausand other agriculturalorganizations.
  • Maintain and expand produce and agricultural system knowledge, and create opportunitiesto impart knowledge to members andstaff.
  • Communicate clearly and professionally with food banks, suppliers,staff and partners.
  • Collaborate with the Board of Directors in annual planning, goal attainment andProgram development.


Drive Strategy & Program Growth

  • Work with  members to ensure a high level of commitment to the Produce Sharing Programand adherence to Program Policy and Procedures; identify emerging trends and unmet needs; and proactively respond by developing and enhancing programservices.
  • Analyze data to inform Program decisions andvision.
  • Coordinate product and budget forecasting with member food banks to ensure a high levelof demand and adequate opportunities for shared and/or mixed loads to meet the needs of smaller foodbanks.
  • Create, manage and promote annual marketing and strategic outreach plan for theProgram.
  • Assist in fund development and grant management as appropriate.


Produce Sourcing & Distribution

  • Ensure that the supply of fresh produce meets or exceeds member standards, reflectinga diverse array of seasonally appropriatecommodities.
  • Supervise the Sourcing, Logistics and Accounting functions to proactively ensure any supply, transportation, cost, logistical or quality issues are addressed immediately and put processesin place to limitreoccurrence.
  • Workclosely withRegionalSourcersandmemberfoodbankstomeetorexceedfoodsourcing goals by obtaining the greatest possible quantity and variety of free and low-cost produce for foodbanks.
  • Make decisions quickly and rapidly respond to opportunistic offers of fresh produce, with the goal being to move perishable produce to member food banks aggressively to maximizeshelf- life for the enduser.
  • Develop and maintain mutually supportive relationships with Management, Food Sourcing,and Operations staff of member food banks to ensure a high level of communication and cooperation.
  • Work collaboratively with Regional Sourcers to build new relationships and continuallyenhance existing ones with growers, packers, importers, anddistributors.
  • Develop out-of-region distribution by working with food banks in neighboring states, other regional cooperatives, and with Feeding America, co-manage related product offeringsand shipments.
  • Ensure the Program is supported by effective administrative systems.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and levels of work to be performed and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties.



 Desired Attributes

  • Strategic Leading – Able to formulate and apply strategic diplomacy to achieveorganizational goals. Identifies areas for improvement of program execution and efficiency. Communicates strategic goals to all stakeholders to ensure proper implementation of program design and purpose.
  • Influential – Leads and defines the vision of the produce program. Communicates the value of the program and aligns defined standards to ensure they are upheld. Shares lessons learned as needed for applicable negotiations. Mentors others and is also open to self-growth as a mentee. Nurtures internal and external partnerships with key stakeholders to execute the strategicplan.
  • Critical Thinking and Flexibility – Asks pertinent questions while working with a high degree of ambiguity. Competent in identifying new systematic solutions. Listens carefully, solicits and incorporates feedback from others. Suspends judgment until all facts have been gathered and considered.
  • Metrics Orientation – Drives focus and strategy for optimizing program budget, resultingin reports that illustrate the program’s current state and opportunities to keystakeholders.
  • Integrity – Exhibits honesty and truthfulness when interacting with coworkers, customers,and stakeholders. Displays high ethical standards and provides clear expectations of team to support thesame.
  • Accountability – Sets clearly defined goals and measures results against communicated goals. Overcomes resistance by utilizing skilled change management techniques. Highly self motivated and drives expected level of motivation in team.

 Education, Experience and Training

  • Bachelor's degree in a relatedfield
  • 7-10 years’ management experience, preferably in produce distribution, procurement, or produce supply chain operations; experience in cooperative or other non-profit managementa plus.
  • Experience with implementation of corporate informationsystems.
  • Professional experience in the produce industry at the wholesale or retail level preferred.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Advanced data analytics, organization and managementskills
  • Understanding of agricultural industry workings andculture
  • Knowledge of food warehousing andtransportation
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively and effectively withindividuals of diversebackgrounds
  • Strong computer skills, including Outlook, Word and Excel, and working knowledge ofcurrent industry warehousing, distribution and logisticssoftware
  • Attention to detail andaccuracy
  • Ability to work in high volume, time critical processingenvironment
  • Ability to work individually and as part of ateam
  • Positive, professional oral and written communicationskills
  • Strong organizational and time managementskills
  • Ability to work at a detailed level to further vision and strategic goals



  • Ability and willingness to travel up to 20-30% of time on job



Salary is commensurate with education and experience.

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