Smith Gardens

Job Info
  1. Job Title: Head Grower
  2. Location: Marysville, WA
  3. Number: 9533
  4. Post Date: 3/2/2017
Job description

The Head Grower is responsible for cultural practices related to plants at the site and for the growth and development of the growing team. Success is measured through continued development of the growing organization in systems, knowledge and expertise as well as specific objectives regarding quality, ready dates and sell through.


  • Responsible for leadership and continuous improvements within growing teams.

  • Responsible for meeting crop schedules.

  • Produce quality plant material while achieving ready dates in accordance with customer expectations.

  • Regularly walk the crops discussing with the team; plant nutrition, pest management (biological and conventional), plant growth regulators, watering practices, pinching, spacing and zone temperatures.

  • Communication and consult regularly with production manager and team

  • Continual research to maintain product quality which will contribute to yearly growth of overall crop productions, reduce production costs, reduce shrinkage and increase profitability.

  • Conduct employee performance based on job description to determine knowledge, competence and contribution to the grow team.

  • Promote high morale, a team approach and overall great place to work.

  • Routine consultation with Director of Horticulture to create an organized record of crop cultural data.

  • Initiation of chemical and fertilizer purchases, while advancing our mission to grow the most environmentally friendly plants.

  • Implement routine plant media and tissue analysis (E.C., pH, injector, lab testing).

  • Promote new ways to reduce runoff of fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Promote a safe work environment, upholding company safety policies.

  • Oversight of chemical trial program.

  • Responsible for hiring/terminating, reviews and compensation adjustments for section growers.   

  • Participation in weekly conference calls and scheduled meetings with other sites’ production team members to share learned information.

  • Responsible for monitoring chemicals and other MSPS sheets in coordination with safety officer.


  • Maintenance of worker protection standards, promoting a safe work environment.

  • Strong leadership, teambuilding, managerial, and interpersonal skills.

  • Positive customer service attitude and work ethic.

  • Self-motivated with the ability to prioritize for results within a fast-paced working environment.

  • Flexible to adapt to changes.

  • Possess a thorough understanding of the PRIVA and ARGUS environmental control systems.

  • Operate with high integrity, bringing one’s passion and pride to work every day.

  • Effective time management with the ability to balance floor and office time.


  • Bachelor’s degree in horticulture or related field.

  • Five years’ industry experience.

  • Comprehensive knowledge on production of quality plant material.

  • Three years’ previous supervisory experience.

  • Experience with perennials and annuals is required.

  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.

  • Pesticide applicator’s license (can be obtained once hired).

  • Knowledge of biological controls and IPM programs.

  • Knowledge of PRIVA and ARGUS environmental control systems


  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V.

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