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  1. Job Title: Procurement Manager
  2. Location: Pompano Beach, FL
  3. Number: 10020
  4. Post Date: 1/3/2018
Job description

Southern Specialties is looking for a dynamic Procurement Manager to join our team that will be capable to secure the right product, at the right price, from the right source, at the right time to achieve the sales and financial goals of assigned categories and enable the Company to achieve budget. At all times, the Procurement Manager needs to monitor its commodities from Sourcing to Final Sales. In addition, this position needs to be constantly looking for regions and growers that support company long term goal of 365 sourcing.

Grower/Commodity Management - Manage the relations with grower/vendors which include:

  • Identify key growing areas and growers to achieve 365 sourcing.
  • Work with procurement and sales directors to establish year budget for assigned commodities.
  • Establish purchase contracts and/or agreements.
  • Ensure growers meet the quality and profile required by Southern
  • Grower Profile - right quality, food safety , financially stable and willing to grow with Southern
  • If necessary look for Procurement Director approval for grower advances
  • Provide growers with Southern product specifications.
  • Be sure that grower agrees and understands how programs and promotions work.
  • Coordinate with grower programs and incoming volumes base on budget, sales needs and market conditions.
  • Inform growers about product arrivals ( quality at arrival, product movement, market trends)
  • In case of quality issues and/or oversupply be sure to inform grower timely and that it reflected in the grower returns.
  • Work with grower so quality issues are address and fix timely.
  • Work in the recovery of grower advances and coordinate with accounting on grower payments.
  • Profit goals by vendor and commodity should be achieve.

Demand Management - Once budget is established coordinate with growers and sales based on market movement to bring product timely and maximize Southern returns.

  • Provide 3 week and weekly forecast to Sales to be sure that incoming product is move timely.
  • At all times get from sales all programs and promotions so product is available at the right cost and growers inform.
  • Be in constant communication with growers to be ahead of potential supply changes base on production/weather conditions and inform to Sales so their customers are aware and correct decisions are made.
  • Be in constant communication with Sales, other importers, freight agents and industry institutions to assess demand movement at all times. Keep grower updated.
  • Constantly monitor our inventories and transit of product to be sure that we have the right amount of product. If inventory levels are high and there is loss potential, slow down on incoming product and push sales so excess inventory is sold.
  • If necessary due to market conditions renegotiate contracts if its in the best long term benefit of Southern and grower.

Logistic Knowledge/Control - Understand the logistics steps involve in the transit from farm to warehouse and manage to improve transit time and reduce product costs.

  • Establish relationships with the different logistic agents involve in the import/buying transit from farm to warehouse (truck, boat, air, agents) in order to have a better understanding and control of the process.
  • Constantly look to improve transit times and lower logistics costs.

Food Safety/ Quality Assurance- work with the food safety department so we can have growers that meet food safety standard and are inform of new government food safety laws and regulations.

Product Innovation and Trends- Be in constant look for new trends in your commodities and think in better ways to handle the commodities you manage.

  • Look for better packaging, new packaging, new varieties, better handling methods and anything that can put us ahead of the competition.

Work experience requirements:

5+ years produce buying experience, strong negotiating skills, multiple task management, be able to set priorities, meet deadlines, and able to accomplish team objectives, should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills with computer competency, including Excel and Word. Bilingual English/Spanish required.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V.

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