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Job Info
  1. Job Title: Production-Harvest Coordinator
  2. Location: Moorpark, CA
  3. Number: 10685
  4. Post Date: 3/21/2019
Job description

The Production-Harvest Coordinator is responsible for managing the /weekly planning of harvest for all growing programs. Exceptional communication skills a-must with strong bilingual (Spanish-English) ability. Strong emphasis on accuracy and timeliness of communication back and forth from our Grower Teams. Responsibilities focused on balanced, steady production flow of optimum quality vegetable produce with advanced notice on any/all potential issues that could impact this goal.

Job Duties:

Production-related Duties (Moorpark/Outside Growers-US)

  • Work with Moorpark Growing Team on daily/weekly/monthly timeframe to provide optimal quality harvest for Sales. Emphasis on “staying ahead” in information to effectively plan through any potential lapses in quality of supply
  • Manage/Track (3) week rolling harvest forecast with Production and establish daily harvest presentations balancing between growing demands and sales demands.
  • Manage/Monitor the aging of all products in all cooler locations. Responsible for accurate real-time information to Sales Team to “place/assign” specific products to customer orders based upon quality and shelf life.
  • Critical training role for Shipping/Warehouse Team to learn quality tolerances of all customers and provide Sales support in recommending placement/assignment to specific customer orders.
  • Hands-on role with Shipping/Warehouse Team to visually inspect and grade quality at 4-day mark to maintain zero dumps/zero credits policy.
  • Maintain steady production with Outside Growers (Oxnard) dictation harvest requirements, verifying agreement costs per pack out, and proactively communicating any/all potential lapses in supply flow or quality.
  • Travel as required to Grower sites to establish strong Grower/Coordinator relationships.

Production-related Duties (Mexico)

  • Manage/Track logistics daily for all Mexico truck crossings including the routing to the appropriate cooler locations.
  • Communicate directly with Mexico Grower production daily to confirm product quality/coordinate/plan harvest presentations daily/weekly.
  • Provide accurate quality/availability updates to Sales Team real-time.
  • Run weekly Green Onion presentation sales reports to prepare weekly forecast of presentations to all Growers

Travel as required to Grower sites to establish strong Grower/Coordinator relationships.

Other Duties

  • Assist Sales Coordinator in processing customer orders, web-based, email, and phone.
  • Effectively answer all phone sales inquiries with superior customer service providing accurate order support and call distribution to appropriate Sales Person.

Job Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong communication skills a must via: phone, email, direct person.
  • Effective bilingual communication in Spanish and English with emphasis on accurate translation.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member.
  • Methodical and analytic thinking critical to planning/preparing production based upon ever changing weather-related events.
  • Must be able to effectively manage responsibilities under emergency pressures.

Physical Requirements

  • Required to lift up to 25 lbs.
  • Regularly required to sit, stand, bend, reach and move about the facility.

Work Environment:

  • Work performed in a combination of office and when needed warehouse environment

Exposed to warehouse elements: such as noise, cold, and moving equipment

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V.

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