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  1. Job Title: Sales-Supply Coordinator
  2. Location: Hollister, CA
  3. Number: 10718
  4. Post Date: 4/15/2019
Job description

Position:   Sales-Supply Coordinator

About Berry People: 

Berry People is a year-round, full-line shipper of organic and conventional berries and avocados, and owner of the Berry People® and Avo People® brands.  Headquartered in Hollister, California, the company’s ownership and key alliance partners hold important production assets in California, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.  All product is graded and allocated by pallet, and all growers are fully compliant with USDA and FDA regulations on Food Safety and organic practices.  Berry People operates with a strong company ethos along its entire supply chain that emphasizes complementarity, stewardship, and empathy. 

Role Description: 

The sales-product coordinator will assist the sales team in both account and commodity management through administrative, analytical, and operational support, handling the “service” scope of work so that account and commodity managers can focus on the “sales.”  This very important role will provide solid exposure to both the supply and sales side of the business, and it is a natural segue to a future role in account or commodity management.


  • Passings, Holdover & No-show Notifications
  • Issue Purchase, Transfer, and Packing Orders
  • Carrier Dispatch & Coordination
  • Inbound Notifications
  • Inventory to Sales-Order Allocations
  • Cooler Outbound Order Communications
  • Pro-Rate, Delay, and Cancellation Notifications
  • Transaction Cost System Entries
  • Lot & Incident File Maintenance
  • Supply-Demand Planning and Scheduling
  • Surge or Shortage Notification
  • Coordination of Domestic & International Supply Shipments
  • 5-Day Rolling Inventory Estimate (System)
  • 6-Week Rolling Supply Forecast
  • Track USDA f.o.b. Benchmark & Competitor Pricing
  • Grower Market Update (Consolidate & Distribute)
  • Maintain Supply-Share Analysis Worksheet

Skills & Abilities:

  • Accurate Assessment of Market (Supply & Demand), both Movement and Pricing
  • Proficient in use MS Office Suite, including Outlook, Word, & Power Point
  • High Proficiency in Excel for Planning and Analysis Purposes
  • Clear and Professional Verbal and Written Communication
  • Overcome Objections & Manage Expectations between Sales Team, Growers, and Buyers
  • Budgeting, Planning, and Goal Setting
  • Effectively Balance Sales & Service Activity
  • Proficient in Sales Transaction System Software (Famous or similar)


  • High Intensity, Awareness, and Agility while maintaining Detailed Accuracy
  • Enjoy Fast-Paced & Volatile Produce Sales Environment
  • High Emotional Intelligence & Strong Character
  • Personable, Reliable, and Trustworthy
  • Creative & Tenacious Problem Solver
  • Willing to Relocate

Experience & Education:

  • Fresh Berry and/or Avocado Category Experience
  • Farming, Packing, Shipping, and Buying/Sales Experience
  • Personnel & Product Management
  • Spanish/English Biliteracy Required
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sales & Marketing or Related Emphasis preferred.  Consideration given to combined Education Experience, and Track Record. 

Working Relationships:

  • Reports to Sr. Commodity-Sales Manager
  • Interacts with Customers, Growers, Coolers, Carriers, and other Service Providers and Trading Partners
  • Works in collaboration with Account and Commodity Managers, Accounting, Quality Assurance, Compliance, and Operations on daily internal business activity

Job Type:  Full-Time

Location:  Hollister, CA

Compensation & Benefits:   Competitive wage as well as premium health, dental, & vision package.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V.

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