Chief Financial Officer


To direct and oversee all financial activities of the corporation including preparation of current financial reports as well as summaries and forecasts for future business growth and general economic outlook.


  • Directs the preparation of all financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, reports to shareholders, tax returns, and reports for government regulatory agencies.
  • Oversees accounting departments, budget preparation, and audit functions. Meets regularly with department heads to keep informed and to offer direction.
  • Reviews reports to analyze projections of sales and profit against actual figures, budgeted expenses against final totals, and suggests methods of improving the planning process as appropriate.
  • Analyzes company operations to pinpoint opportunities and areas that need to be reorganized, down-sized, or eliminated.
  • Confers with president, vice president of sales, vice president of manufacturing, and division leaders to coordinate and prioritize planning.
  • Studies long-range economic trends and projects company prospects for future growth in overall sales and market share, opportunities for acquisitions or expansion into new product areas. Estimates requirements for capital, land, buildings, and an increase in the work force.
  • Supervises investment of funds; works with banks and/or investment bankers to raise additional capital as required for expansion.


  • Master's degree in business administration, accounting, or finance.
  • C.P.A. designation preferred.
  • Knowledge of database and accounting computer application systems to supply the most accurate financial information.
  • Eight to ten years of experience in financial management with increasing responsibilities for multi-faceted direction and planning.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent analytical and organizational skills.

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